January 06, 2006

# 20

While sifting through the batch of photos I took during my wintero vacationo, it became obvious within the time it took to set the thermometer-clock on an outdoor chair that there was plenty of colour between the eyes of Mother Nature's testicle shrivelling wrath.

Currently, I'm breathing in oxygen of -2 degrees at a slightly above average rate. I hope the rate of consumption doesn't deter me later from finishing a cheap carton of sake purchased with a thorough disregard for quality.

As always, I'm willing to lend a hand in answering all questions posed about these poorly chosen words or colourful pickchas.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Is the top right picture of a pleasuring establishment specialising in older ladies? Or Servicing the beauty needs of 747's?

I love the architecture in these pictures. Sure beats the flat pack semi's and terraced nightmares that stalk the land round here.

Kaufman said...

It's a cultural difference accepted with humility within the first few seconds of standing beneath one of those great structures. And not a nail in sight. The pigeons (of pray) came and went with the arrival of sound from the giant gong nearby. I'll throw up a photo of the place covered in snow: sexy.

Jen said...

At first glance, it looked like that llama looking animal was jumping up in mid-air.

But that could have just been me..

reverendtimothy said...

No, no... I saw it too, Jen.

Mrs DC said...

Is it and animal you treasure?

Kaufman said...

Tis a deer and not one I treasure for it is not a doe, dears.