January 12, 2006

# 24

I'm a huge fan of THESE guys. I have been for many a blue moon, which is to say that I've been a fan since Dr DogChop opened the door to their three-tiered virtual bachelor pad so long ago that it is but a mere freckle on a pimple in the space-time continuum.

I like intruding to witness their handy work first-hand whenever I can, usually when time is my maid and the daily pursuit of fleeing indoors to where the air, although inflicted with my own provocative odours, isn't as tainted as the filthy muck instigated by pigs and cows in my immediate vicinity outdoors. Yes, I've read their site today.

Through the universally applauded act of peering through an open window, it has been brought to my attention that the lads are back in full swing following the 10 to 1 countdown which birthed 2006.

In fact, their creative juices are gushing so wildly at the moment, influencing everyone who pokes an inquisitive head their way, that its effect on skin causes stains without a known solvent presently available on the market.

Enough already. The revolution is not available with a hand-held controller or joystick. But you do need a mouse or equivalent. See for yourself.


Buddy Belcher said...

As much as I appriciate the gushing write up, I am going to have to dissapoint you with the news that I can't keep up this blogging pace with college duties tieing me to the bed posts... so to speak.
I mean, it's total rape... there is nothing consenting about it...
But reports are due and such, so priorities first, which is where they belong.
But yeah... thanks. I'm chuffed all over.

Credible Threat said...

Too much pressure.....I'm going to choke. But thank you so much Mr. Hair.

Kaufman said...

Meehan: The wait, although intense and likely to cause extreme reduction of nail length, is always worth it. I was there once and know about the pressure to prioritise the chaff from the jelly from the hops in your belly. In your own time, as it were.

Credible Threat: Correct me if I'm wrong but some of your finest work has come while exposing your trapezius muscles to a vice like grip. Or am I confusing you with Harrison Ford? I thoroughly enjoyed your most recent post. In your own time, as it were. Thanks for stopping by.