February 23, 2006

# 52

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Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Is this madonnas new look?

reverendtimothy said...

I like it :-D

Kaufman said...

UTMG: If it were, it wouldn't be appearing here. She and Bono are neck in neck at the top of my shit list.

Actually, there is no list, but my hatred of egomaniacal show ponies has no bounds.

Tim: Thanks. A fellow foreigner and I have been swapping ideas around. We've spoken about photography with occasional reference to transparent plots to rid the world of intelligence so that time may recede to a revamped (and improved) version of Utopia, where fair skin dominates the landscape and people with Anglo-Saxon names massage soothing lotions into each other's groins while never again fearing the personal armed protectors in combat clothing shadowing their every step.

Mostly, we've spoken about photography.

Mrs DC said...

Last time i was in Tokyo I spent an hour at the top of the tower taking long exposures of the car lights. It is a really old idea but I do like trying to emulate these things. I am after a new lens for my DSLR but I accidentally bought a new snowboard this week. It'll have to wait a few months now.

I'm thinking about popping round to say hello some time next month if you are up for that?

Kaufman said...

I'm not making promises until I know what's involved:

1) Will you need more than two pillows?
2) Will you bring more than two litres of booze?
3) Will you stay longer than one week?
4) Will you sign a statement confirming to avoid all gaseous emmissions whilst indoors?
5) Will you bring your camera for show and tell, explaining the intricate hows that a child of limited intelligence under the age of eight can undersand?

If you answered no to any of these questions then perhaps I won't be up for it.

Captain Berk said...

This looks like some of the few memories I have left from my night out at 'wArP'.

The last one looks like one of Spocks drawings of love