March 07, 2006

# 57

I'm thinking about posting a few things. It's one of those 50-50 propositions born while one's back is turned and without official approval in stacks of blinding A4 reams of delicately moistened paper by a representative of the Catholic church. If you read between the lines there you'll duly note the reference to something happening often; very, without exaggeration, fucking often; no pun intentionally included.

Due to the highly titilating and controversial nature of what may appear in writing, as I'm staring directly at the sticker on my mirror with the word "Yes," wondering if I could be buggered (gently if it must happen), I'm hunting high and low - A-ha style - for motivation before making a final decision.

However, I have no hesitation about sharing a moment with you in which spring arrived in moi part of Japan. For buffs of time and space, what you are witnessing below occured today. Not yesterday, mind you, but today.

Like always, please save your applause for someone with less stress around the midrift and with more follicular activity in the region where the cranium in lord, such as every member of Gomez, for I merely saw and acted with impulse, gut instinct and a mind delirious from fresh air.

It hurts. It hurts. Choo, Toby Choo.

For the record, this moment is not sponsored by anyone.

Wokka, wokka, wokka, wokka.


benjibopper said...

Wapow! Throppin gorgeousness of such salubrious nature pulls me yearning from my box outside into what? The Canadia barrens. Still, sun is shining.

Kaufman said...

I'd love to be armed with a camera in the Canadian barrens. I imagine it to be the equivalent in spaciousness of what I'm accustomed to in Australia, although I imagine it's opposite with regards to the harshness of its seasons.

Thanks for stopping by, Benji. See you over at that Five Word place.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


ooh. That hurt.