March 13, 2006

# 63

When global freeloaders turn nasty:


tzilly : Because the film is russian it is logical that it's russian dubbed. So that for you being the idiot. If you don't speak russian, you should start fucking learning russian and not waste our time complaining here. Or you can wait for subtitles. I hate you stupid fuckers who don't speak any other language than their own (I guess english in your case) and think that everyone must speak it too or else he's dumb fuck.

Please, people seed! there's a ton of guys with like 37% :( :(

yo fucker !!!

first of all:i didn't know this shit is russian, i thought it's only dubbed just like other spanish or german crap
seccound: i speak 4 languages
third: english isn't my first language ... i'm from romania
and u shoud start learning my darm language if your life is a total waste of time
stupid rushian loozer !!! your language sucks
i just don't need your opinion
i hope u will be stuck at 99% or something like this, fucking retard !!!!
get a life bitch" can feel like standing too close to a shit sprinkler.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

What the..?

Who the hell are these people? Why are they communicating in English if they hate it so much? Where can I buy one of these fantastic shit sprinklers? Whay am I asking one more question just for the sake of cramming six question marks into one comment box??

reverendtimothy said...

I *like* the Russian language. And so does John Cleese in "A Fish Called Wanda".

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

On a side note, terrible shame about the cricket.

Thought you had that sown up with Pontings smash fest.

I guess not.

Kaufman said...

UT: English: the universal language of insult. Try it today, asswad (isn't that Enya's band?). Shit sprinklers are rare to find. Once you do, it's obvious.

RT: I speak a bit of Yugo. Mostly swear words. It keeps the riff raff at bay if they think you've done harm unto others in unspeakable ways. I haven't but I've lost count of how often I've pretended to be Damir Dokic.

UT: Before I went to bed I said to my wife: 'Records are often broken in quick succession.' She didn't hear it as she was already asleep. I had a feeling - although it's still unfathomable how - the Suud Afrikaans would do well. Good for the game, blah, blah, blah...

'We cannot defend a total.' Ricky Ponting.

Then why bat first?

benjibopper said...

Minulla on ollut eritain hauskaa, bitch.

Old Man Morri said...

Andy, after much deliberation, and fending off of cliche weilding maniacs, i have a response waiting for you reguarding "to cult or not to cult"

Man there's some nutters out there.

Join My Cult.

Captain Berk said...

You're a total cult, morri.


There was a mis-spelling in there somewhere.

Squiggle said...

LIES! I do still visit! :P