April 06, 2006

# 72

I didn't get a chance today to upload photos and accompanying text about last weekend's adventure to the Izu peninsula.

You should interpret this to mean that I couldn't be arsed, although you can imagine, if you wish, that I made a valiant effort to fulfil the request by four of you who were capably coerced via the comments thread of the previous post into making a request which I could not fulfil today (though I tried).

That notwithstanding, I hereby raise my left hand, placing my right hand determinedly on a cheese platter and solemnly swear to honour my duty as host of this establishment to show you some scintillating photos of the occasion in question TOMORROW.

Duty calls.

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Old Man Morri said...

In Brie we trust.

Kaufman said...

That we do, Old Man Morri. That we devoutly do.

benjibopper said...

Yet another twist on overseas English: never before had I heard 'arse' used as a verb; in the past tense no less.

Kaufman said...

Full credit goes to the Brits for that one, BenjiBopper. It's one of my favourite ('u' included) uses of the word.

'I couldn't be arsed walking all the way to the welfare office to pick up my dole cheque ('check 1, 2'), so I gave it the arse completely.'

Photos and words due in approximately t-minus two hours.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Yeah. The word 'arsed' is brilliant.

Nice self portrait, by the way (ozsash)

benjibopper said...

I like it! We Canadians also like to use the letter 'u' copiously. I guess we got that from Use guys.

What's a dole cheque? Is that like pogey?

Cross cultural learning is fun.

Kaufman said...

Toast: Thanks. I enjoyed the process involved in getting that one.

Bopper: I think the 'u' form is superior in every way.

What's a pogey?

A dole cheque is something the government hands out to members of Australian society who prefer to spend their days on surfboards and/or watching Jerry Springer to working.

Cross cultural learning is fun. :)

benjibopper said...

Pogey is like a dole cheque, but with skiing instead of surfing.

Charlie said...

There have been a few words the local (itinerant and slothfull) Irish have come up with that I like, of which;

fuckeyed - extremely drunk
(too drunk to collect pogey)


fuckerated - completely broken

stand out most radiantly.

Blogger seems to that wpjmek is a word (for verification) when it is clearly not, at least in Queens English. (maybe uzbek or something)

Kaufman said...

I don't believe Uzbekistan are interested in claiming wpjmek as a word from their language.

I wonder if Borat is available for verification.

It gives me an idea for a post, as vbhbbm, the word verification required for this comment to see the light, isn't a word either as far as I'm aware.

I quite like fuckerated as a word. It speaks to me.

As a noun: Billy Corgan's head was fuckerated after I threw a rock at it.

As a verb (with a tag question): I completely fuckerated Billy Corgan's head with that rock, didn't I?