May 22, 2006

# 87

The nation received its first dose of solar radiation over the course of the weekend following a liberal sprinkling of H2O over the course of two solid weeks. Instead of being at a beach frying ourselves to the texture of onion rings, twenty of us had made the commitment to entertain 125 rampaging souls under the age of twelve in what turned out to be the sunniest weekend this year. It came as quite the surprise as we'd all been anticipating a major transplant to the schedule from the great outdoors to the grave indoors.

Consider this a teaser, if you will, as images will follow in due time and as I've not been in the mood for many words of late.

I hope your weekend was as knackering as ours. What did you do? Who did you do it with/to? Allcomers are welcome to share in this forum in the public domain. Let me hear from you, no matter how mundane you think it may seem.

Mata ne.


idolfan987 said...


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C ya,

Kaufman said...

You are so behind the times, fan.

Chris and I have been getting wasted for the past two weeks while he's been in between gigs. During that time we've designed and manufactured a bigger-than-life-sized replica of Taylor's cock, adding a few extras not only to the dimensions that the original cannot boast.

We've thought about marketing it as the T-Wang Knife, in the style of a Swiss army knife, as it has 24 retractible pieces. I call them flair. BTW, how many pieces of flair do you wear? Chris reckons it won't sell as every security guard at every airport in the States will be all over people in a flash as soon as the x-ray scans show the fifteen-inch contraption, but I maintain a boom for yours truly and The High C if we change the componentry to only rubber and plastic, and if we target the Chinese, Indian and Japanese markets. If those guys get a sniff of this wang, we'll be capable of vomiting cash whenever the need arises.

Whatcha think, Idolfan? Are you up for your own Taylor-made Swiss army dildo?

Send me a private email at

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

idolfan987 is probably how the government have this sorry individual classified on their megahypersupercomputer.

I went to see the Jerry Springer Opera on Friday night. There were protesters outside en masse. I was tempted to ask them for the address of their church, then show up on sunday morning with some kind of derogatory placard just tp annoy them.

Saying that, I can see why they were annoyed. It was pretty harsh (funny).

Went to see Mr Scruff on saturday night; DJ extraordnaire who lent tunes to the TV series Spaced (see also Shaun of the Dead). Phat. Bangin'. Insert your own parlance of the times here, etc etc.

Sunday was spent with dysfunctional relatives eating free food.

And here I am on monday........

reverendtimothy said...

I had a quiet one Saturday night.

No really, I did!

I was recovering from a cold, and didn't want to go out at all! But the friends convinced me. So I promised myself that I'd leave at midnight, be home by 1am, and only have two drinks over the course of the evening.

So anyway, at 4am, I decided to use a breatho to check how quiet my night was. My night was 0.09 quiet, almost twice the illegal driving threshold.

So I ate chips and dranks water, and my quiet night ended quietly at 5:30am, as I drove home satisfied with a 0.045 result.