June 14, 2006

# 96

I met up with Under The Radar in Nagoya last weekend. I hadn't seen the lad since my significant other and I spent New Year's Eve at his humble abode, while he and his significant other (different to mine) went to Hokkaido to sample the white powder. Methinks they found the ski slopes as well. When we finally managed a few hours in the same apartment, we were reminded of how goode Ye Olde Days were by handballing a 2L carton of el crappo sake back and forth.

This time around, our last together as senseis (pluralised for the English speaking contingent) in Japan, I'd venture the 2L mark was bettered within the first hour. No, wait! We ate pasta and drank only a pint each; went back there during Happy Hour; were told as a wedge of lime was drowned into a glass of whisky that Happy Hour did not exist on weekends (WTF?!); went elsewhere; got drunk; then we drank some more; blahhhhh blahhhhh; own goal; my butt's so sore from this stool here; blahhhhh blahhhhh; trying to watch the game, mate; shut up!; Paraguay, Paraguay, Paraguay!; good game, wannit?

Hopefully close scrutiny of the pikchas will swell lucid memories of what actually happened.*

Coming soon: Shit we did on Sunday whilst under duress from a spectacularly persistent hangover.

* Did we sleep in a Womble's abode?


Under the Radar said...

I'm glad you got those blokes in five down from the top. Life and sul of the party. "Guys, I'm felling really fucked-off and irritable. What are we going to do?" "Well, barry, let us go down to a pub, well known for it's austerity and synchronisation with our middle-aged lives."

Also enjoyed the cappy, but obviously not when you tookthe photo. I was thinking "LEMONS!"

Kaufman said...

Those blokes provided an insight into our future selves. You were the one on the right.

I enjoyed the capsule hotel; more than I thought I would. All that's missing from that concept is a mini-bar.

More photos to come.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...




What? We won!!!

heurgh hurgh hurgh....

What are you lookin' at?

You want some of that, eh?



Kaufman said...

The only blue one is likely to get into in Japan is with a fellow expat.

I'd hate to be in a stoush with a Japanese person. I reckon I could take on some of the kids and wind up with thumbs up, but taking on a J man or J woman is not on the cards. Their level of self-defence is way beyond anything I may be able to throw their way. Unless I had access to that empty champagne bottle, a katana and a few ninja stars.

Actually, all of those items ought to be mandatory for foreigners whenever getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Which other country designates speed limits to cater to the oldest members of society?

*shakes head as countless memories involving near death driving experiences come flooding back*

reverendtimothy said...

Awesome. :-)

Possibly the only thing more awesome is: http://martypoom.tripod.com/ ahahha.

Are you a Kirin fan, or did you stick to Buds?

Kaufman said...

Reverend, that link is no good. Yes, I did check to see if there could be anything funnier.

For about an hour, I was wondering what you were talking about with regards to 'Buds.' My initial response was going to be, 'I haven't had any buds since my last visit to Cairns, circa the end of 2004.' But then I realised, as I took another sip of the Asahi Super Dry on a Friday afternoon, that you meant Budweiser.

In all honesty, UTR clarified it for me the next day when I showed him the photo, as I couldn't remember the "incident" involving the Bud. He said that he specifically asked me if it was okay if he bought me one as the bar was really busy. I guess he got it from a vending machine or stole it off a table next to us as it was the only instance when I drank a Buddumber.

I hate shite beer, which is why I'm going to have a $15 Cooper's as soon as that fucking plane's wheels touch the tarmac in Adelaide. No, wait! At the first bottle-o on our way from the Cairns airport!!!