April 19, 2007

#127 aka 36 wonders of the world

Today marks the day on which I turn a day older than my most recent birthday. Aren't I a bloody marvel?

Incidentally, I share a birthday - by date only, mind you - with Adelaide's eldest lady, though the vast gap between her twinkling eyes and my eyelids at half-mast still holds firm as she celebrated her 110th birthday this time around. May there be plenty more (for both of us).

I can't wait for the day I turn 100: news crews will knock on my door as they strike out at capturing that elusive credibility factor yet again; I'll only let in those with female "journalists" covering the must-do story; I'll let my fingers explore the contours of only the female "journalists'" bodies and cackle like an evil centurian on a mission to raise the main sail one last time; the occasion will lead to an international "news story" as a Fox "journalist" mysteriously contracts an injury stemming from a walking stick incident involving her upturned skirt and anus; my 90-year-old mates and I will share a laugh over a few beers in the backyard.



Mob said...

A hundred and ten? Sweet Jebus, I can't imagine what she's seen come and go, and I find myself feeling old at times...wow.

Happy birthday sir, thanks for spending a part of it on the interweb with us.

*Raises Guinness* I knew I was drinking on a Wednesday night for some reason!


Kaufman said...

Yep, 110! It's beyond comprehension, really. Well, at least for me it is.

Aging is a physical condition without a known cure as far as I can tell, which is why I celebrate my 30th over and over again like a once-a-year revamped take on Groundhog Day. I'd be in all kinds of trouble if I celebrated my 21st over and over again but that's a different story.

This year featured a four-month baby, lunch with my two girls at a top-notch pizzaria in the hills, and just enough red vino to quell/fuel the mischief in the adolescent wanker who still thrives inside of me.

*Raises a glass of rain water* Thanks for the birthday wish, mate. Keep enjoying that fine Irish export.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

My great nan made it to 108.

She lived on a sheep farm in WA during her early years. When she married and had kids, they travelled by boat to the U.K.

There was a huge storm and the Captain wanted to abandon ship. My nan was having none of it. She made him sit in a circle with her and the kids and pray for salvation.

The storm subsided hours later, and they eventually made it to England.

Gute Geburtstag, my good man.