January 16, 2006

# 27

So there I was, wondering how to shimmy out of the quagmire of truth I had jumped into feet-first not long ago.

Then it came to me like a cloaked avenger without underwear and justice seeping from every heroin absorbent vein. 'Throw up a link, you fool,' came the suggestion from my parallel existence via the cloaked mystery bot of justice, which had knowingly been keeping an eye on every move I had made, every breath I had taken during the past thirty-four hours of unbroken ambiguity.

So here it is, the anticipated link from yours truly to shed a bit of light onto someone who has shone a fraction more light into my life than I. In short, the name is Nitin Sawhney; DJ, producer, artist with multi-album releases and talent to burn, who just happened to bobble into existence inside my drawer of awareness while checking out my next holiday destination through an inconspicuous web site.

PLEASE have a search around his site, get a feel for the tremendous multi-cultural work he's been getting out to the public and enjoy the rest of the day for all its worth.


Kaufman said...

I love it, Andy! Thanks for introducing some of my senses to the magnificent talents of that guy with the weird name you mentioned. I know I'll be downloading, burning and throwing a copy of whatever I manage to snag into a CD player before you can say 'My crotch has an insatiable hunger for your loving' ten times really quickly.

Kaufman said...

Your challenge has been met.

I can't take all the credit for supplying the information. Some credit should go the way of the artist as well. Maybe between 10%-15%. How does that sound?