January 18, 2006

# 29

After a sizeable length of time sans communication, today I got word through from my good mates in Australia, G-Man and Socool. In their minimal way, they made my day.

Thanks, guys.

And then...

Despite everything that's sugar coated as awareness of who we are, I think over the long haul we're all in it as individuals, finding our own ways of battling against time. No matter how many friends we're surrounded by, no matter how many interests we share with those who form part of our sacred brotherhood and no matter how many trinkets we buy to distract us from reality, when a direction is chosen and the belief in what's best is acted upon, we're genuinely alone. Ties remain firm through one form or another, but the mind's infinite journey through a daily barrage of thoughts, where the sorting of each permutation of what our next action will be is determined, doesn't offer the option for accompaniment by other parties.

Being sober in an empty room sure has its downside.

I'm off outside to sample the fresh air. Enjoy your day.

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