March 18, 2006

# 66

Umm... I'm not quite (read: at all) sure what happened with the site yesterday. But it seems to be unperturbed in accepting my keystrokes today, which is to say, by way of dumbfounded observation, my site is back up without me really knowing how or why it went off air yesterday.

Suffice to say, these glitches seem to be happening regularly, although the latest one isn't anywhere as potent as the previous one over at the good Doctor's house. What a nightmare that was.

On with the marching band, as it were.


benjibopper said...

glad you survived. perhaps your virtual burp was backlash over your refusal to join a cult; those guys take their revenge seriously. seriously.

Kaufman said...

Hmm. That's a distinct possibility; one which hadn't crossed my mind. Things have been kind of quiet on the Morri front.

As you said, the site survived and I live to write another meaningless post. Hooray for everything!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Hooray for everything else!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

p.s. - watch all Bill Baileys DVD's

Jen said...

Oh, let me join too in the hooraying. I thought blogger was giving me a sign that I should indeed shut down.

Kaufman said...

Jen: Did you have issues with your site as well? I could access your's and Toaster's and Benji's on the day in question, I just couldn't access mine.

Don't be told what to do. Ever! Ya hear me?

Captain Berk said...

I thought perhaps the Ferengi had tried to sell you as some kind of love slave.

They're prone to doing that sort of thing on earth.

They usually sneak back through time and take 20th century icons 'for a laugh'.

That's where Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan went.