April 18, 2006

# 77

Today is Andy Kaufman Day. We hope you enjoy the show. More words may arrive at a time later than now. However, if the throbbing of mine temples persists this could be the only gift you receive from me today.

Remember: Andy Kaufman Day.

UPDATE (6:13 pm central Japanese time zone):
I'd like to change the official title for the day from Andy Kaufman Day to Andy Kaufman and Jason Gillespie Day to commemorate the birth of the latter's maiden Test cricket century. Aptly named 'Ichiro' by me because it is the first for JayGee, whose previous best in any form of cricket excluding in my or his backyard (217*) was 52, he's now having tea and celebrating by giving Warney the finger.#

The birth took some 296 deliveries and probably slightly fewer minutes, although it was over the course of two days. I'm betting JayGee woke up to air less crusty than I did this morning, although if his performance out on the paddock today is any indicator to what's likely to come later this evening, JayGee's birthday tomorrow (Happy 31st, JayGee) should be a sight for walloped eyes.

Yes...Definitely Andy Kaufman and Jason Gillespie Day.

And just when I thought the world had returned every single favour it owed me, I've just been informed by my trusted mule that the Kiwis are 6/34 chasing something tall for victory. A solid partnership of six runs is in progress, so, ya never know. Go you Kiwis! Three figures are just aroond tha korna.

Remember: Andy Kaufman and Jason Gillespie Day.

* Not out.
# SK Warne's highest Test score is 99.


reverendtimothy said...

Are you wearing your birthday suit?

Kaufman said...

I sure am.

As something I'm unaccustomed to, having successfully avoided work for no less than ten years straight on the one day in the year when I get to wear my birthday suit in public, being at work today has made me realise that I don't recall ever seeing one of my teachers at school smelling the way I do.

Thank Budda, Allah and the Heavenly Father/Mother that the DTs vacated my body around 10-ish.

Under the Radar said...

I often turn-up to work smelling different. Today I smelled like Merlot

Saathiya said...

Happy Andy Kaufman and Jason Gillespie day! Definately beats the pants off easter or the queen's birthday. Now we just have to figure out how to get it internationally recognised as a public holiday. Hum.

benjibopper said...

Can we make it Andy Kaufman/Jason Gillespie/Sidney Crosby day? Sid the kid just became the youngest badass in the history of the world to score 100 points in the National Hockey League. He's also from my hometown, not that I'm bragging and/or playing favourites.

Kaufman said...

UTR: He's my favourite wizzard.

Saathiya: In our hearts and minds, it already is.

BB: Sure. But I'm not going to change the post a third time. ;)

Under the Radar said...

Shall I throw a few tumble weeds past?

Dizzy deserves a bit of good luck - he got an absolute pasting off everyone while he was over in the UK before.

Kaufman said...

Tumble weeds are great. I used to race them. And, sometimes, after many shots of tequila, against them.

Dizzy made 201* no less. Un-fucken-believable.

While I'm yet to sample the DVDs that so righteously captured the most recent Ashes series, I'm led to the trough of belief that he thoroughly deserved the pasting as his form with the ball was likened to diarrhea.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

My brother has the recent Ashes DVD. he spends much of his time punching the air and cheering whilst he watches it.

Kaufman said...

I recommend that he burns a copy ASAP, for when the original fades into dust following excessive ogling, the next English Ashes DVD release will be a lifetime away.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

That's fighting talk hombre!

So lets fight!

*scuffle. punch. scuffle*

Ok. You win. It won't happen again.

Kaufman said...

Easier than I thought, old boy. Best of three?