April 13, 2006

# 76

Grace, save your money for the children.


Under the Radar said...

I was listening to this on the way to work today

Kaufman said...

Could you hear them pumping on the stereo?

I'm thinking of writing a piece, most likely semi-autobiographical, about not having tunes to accompany my long drive to and from work.

Urge to kill rising.

reverendtimothy said...

Yeah Grace. Don't spend money on birthday presents or anything.


Under the Radar said...

My ten minute drive to work would be a horrible swearing nightmare without the two hndred or so CDs I customarily keep in my car.

Kaufman said...

RT: Where have you been? This year's birthday will be the last of the fegettable ones for Grace. But next year, as the money stockpiles to within an inch of the ceiling, she'll be left with no option but to shower me with gifts.

UTR: I've been sans X-Trail for almost a month. The shaken expired and the replacement Daihatsu (you read it here first, ladies and gentlemen) only has a radjou.

ThirdCat said...

And this is why I never leave comments...I'm too old to ever quite understand. It's taken me two days to work out that this isn't about Easter. Or maybe it is. But I fully get a car with just radio.

Under the Radar said...

Is the Xy on it's way now?

Daihatsu? The missus has one that I hate with a passion. Luckily, if she parks in my space I can just kick it out of the way.

Got offered the use of Ms Mums Celsio last night. Not sure how i feel about driving a 40,000 pound car round, when it's not mine.

Kaufman said...

Thirdcat: The post isn't about Easter. But in hidsight, I reckon it would've been a sublime reference to the sacred time of our beloved saviour if it had been. Thems lyrics from a song I happened to be listening to and humming for hours by a band I like to call Supergrass.

UTR: The big red girl is still awaiting clearance for take-off from the Aussie governmental types. I'd feel better about driving someone else's expensive car than my own. My papa-in-law has a Skyline GTR back in Adelaide. I think you know where I'm heading with this.