June 21, 2006

# 100

My 100th post will be a quotation because my brain is soggy from second-rate beer and my heart is devoid of commitment on behalf of a more worthwhile effort. Apologies to anyone who had money on a different outcome.

'…And in a funny way, the shaving of my head has been a liberation from a lot of stupid vanities, really. It has simplified everything for me. It has opened a lot of doors for me.'

Quotation from Yul Brinner as the introductory lyric to the song Jo Jo's Jacket by Stephen Malkmus.


reverendtimothy said...

Every time I get the urge to shave my head I am disuaded by family and friends.

I figure I'll just wait 'til I start going bald. Then I'll have a good excuse! :-)

Congrats on 100 posts!

Under the Radar said...

I do it about 20 times a year. I have saved myself about a thousand pounds by avoiding hairdressers in the last five years.

How long now, mate?

Mob said...

Not strong enough to go bald, you are a braver man than I. Unless I start losing the hair, I don't see me ever having it in me to do it.

Kaufman said...

RT: Summer's a great time to try the super sheen look. My first effort was on Christmas day in 1994. Since then I've grown hair only once (2001). A lack of follicular activity upstairs spurs the cooling of ones head in summer, although I recommend a decent cap / hat should you decide to try it yourself. And thanks. :)

UTR: It makes sense, doesn't it? Remember that time we stood outside the hairdresser's for four hours as we drank from imported bottles of wine and made puppy dog faces to the staff inside? Me either, but it would be kinda fun to stir the mood.

38 days.

Mob: I'll take the compliment for bravery and raise your awareness regarding my lineage: my old man's as bald as a cucumber; I had hair as long as Andre Agassi in his early twenties and felt the need to follow suit about the same time as he did; I couldn't justify to myself handing over twenty bucks every time I wanted a trim, figuring it would make sense to spend the bucks instead on good quality blades.

I recommend trying it before settling on it for good.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

If I shaved my head, I would probably look like a Romanian orphan.

Kaufman said...

Prove it!

Actually, science has proved that some heads weren't shaped for shaving. Have you ever seen those guys with the enormous round heads who opt the shave because their body fat percentage has reached critical mass? Unless that flat section at the top of the back of the head is there, it's ill-advised.

Skeletor: shit yeah!

Arnie: no siree!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I don't want to end up in one of those government orphanages where you have 1 bed to your name and potholes in the road destroy the axles of would-be rescuers everywhere.

I couldn't live with those shattered wheel bearing mounts on my conscience.

Under the Radar said...

I had a friend at school who looked like a Romanian orphan. i remember, in one of those delightful bursts of youthful cruelty someone made a bunch of badges saying "I bought a toy for Tecky" and handed them round.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


Kaufman said...

Oh, man...I don't know how to react to that. I value the efforts of pranksters, deviants, scholars and misfits. But I hope this poor kid had a sense of humour, otherwise he may be well on his way to devouring that hit list he's been working on for many a year.

ThirdCat said...

When I were somewhat younger than I are now, I shaved my head because my mother-in-law was starting to like me.

Kaufman said...

I see.

Revenge has never featured highly on my reasons. A receding hairline? Fer sher. Waning interest in speaking with hairdressers about the minor details? Defo. No time, not enough money to devote to hair (care ha-ha) products? Tis but a droplet of truth falling from the bottom of my beer glass with no foreseeable bottom. Revenge? Not once.

Also, my mother-in-law and I get along better than I do with my parents. She's one of the most precious people in my life.

But I do see. I really do. And I appreciate the effort and dedication you went to, even if she did not (I'm assuming).

PS I really do wish you'd scrawl here more often.

PPS Isn't what Yul said just... so... right?

ThirdCat said...

It was more to do with me than her...you know, not wanting to be someone your mother in law approved of. Even liked.

What Yul said is right. also, I seemed to get a lot more respect when I had a shaved head.