June 07, 2006

# 94

I was sitting behind the wheel of the almighty Mira when an old guy on a bike was crossing at the lights. He looked my way, stopped and gestured hello. I wasn't sure of the circumstances leading up to the act itself, but I had been in the country long enough to know the extent of Japanese people's politeness. I waved hello back. The old guy's performance became more animated, but I knew that sticking around to see the walking against the wind portion simply wouldn't do. I can't stand the classics. Then a particular action caught my eye: I transformed from a dog that was being shown a card trick without rational explanation to a dog that was shown a cow's thigh, blood still dripping from its recent detachment from the rest of the body. He pretended to throw an object my way.

I thought until my brain went "click."

It was the 73 year-old left fielder from my baseball team. B-I-N-G-O.

Now, if I know my Japanese body language well enough, then I've correctly deduced that the baseball season won't start this Monday as scheduled. It may or may not be right as the imminent rain the following week.

Five weeks to go. Cross those fingers and bring on the rubber balls.


benjibopper said...

every time i'm in another country i feel like my iq is reduced to about 7 as i learn the culture. just a random observation. also, all white people look the same.

Steph said...

I'm I'm doing ANY pysical activity at that age, I'll be happy. Asian people are just so FIT! They need more McDonalds over there.

benjibopper said...

ok, reset the view of the posts at ttce and found 6 posts, but no mission 1 post.

Under the Radar said...

How do you think I feel? I started off at IQ seven. I fit right in with most of the kids I teach, though.

Kaufman said...

BB: The second part to your first comment smarted, big guy. The reason why I dinnae recognise him was because our last game of last season was back in December and because I spent the majority of my daytime overtaking old people because they're glued to the 40 km/h speed limit, thus rendering their faces to the confines of my rear vision mirror, not through my windscreen while riding a bike. Geez! I answered your second query at your blog.

Steph: EXACTLY! In my opinion, I have the sexiest beer gut in the team. Mind you, I'm also slightly under thirty years younger than the next youngest member in the team (hence my positioning at shortstop; I don't feel like pitching *folds arms*). But most of the guys I play with can outrun me. I blame it on my theory of never running unless I'm being chased. As a general consensus, Japanese people are fit well past their funerals.

UTR: A number of one-lined retorts present themselves regarding your comment. However, seeing as I'll be drinking with you this weekend and probably sharing a commode at some point during the England vs ??? game, I'll choose Option B: pass.

benjibopper said...

ahshucks, i was just kiddin. besides i stole that line from dave chapelle.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I hope I can still participate in sports at that age