July 20, 2006

# 107

*Transmission from somewhere in the northern hemisphere*

I'm going to be offline as of tomorrow. There may be a gap of up to six weeks between now and my next post as my significant other and I prepare for our last week in Japan and our re-entry into Aus, where we'll wine, dine and dive for three weeks in Cairns before returning to our home town; the one, the only...Adelaide. Unless they finally push the button, I'll be seeing you - and you - on the other side. Sayonara for now.

*Transmission ends*


ThirdCat said...

Bring your cardigan.

And do you have a football team? Seeing as how you will be landing in, as they say, the business end of it all.

Kaufman said...

I've packed my best Kathmandu jumper for the occasion.

I no longer follow the AFL, although the guy we'll be staying with in Cairns is the maddest of insane Power supporters, which means I'll be going for whomever they're playing against.

ThirdCat said...


Kaufman said...

Now, now...

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


I'll keep an ear out.

If i'm going to be piloting this flaming Zepellin around on my own for a while, be sure to leave me the manual and a spare parachute in case anything goes wrong.

I'll see you when you get back.

Kaufman said...

The manual was a hologram.

Which spare parachute?

*salutes and dons the night vision*

Mob said...

Godspeed, dear Kaufman, Godspeed.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

No spare?


Well, I've crash landed worse. No actually, that's a lie.

Hey ho

benjibopper said...

hey, you forgot your...nevermind. have fun!

Ms Smack said...

oh hey, I didnt know you were from Adelaide :)

Safe trip home xx