October 10, 2006

# 110

I have been inducted again into the Hall of Full-time Workers. Long live compassion for one's fellow man and the freedom to pursue the almighty Australian dollar.

How are you doing?


reverendtimothy said...

Congratulations! You're doing better than me! Haha.

Going out for drinks to celebrate? HQ Wednesday night - Flashdance! Retro goodness! Haha.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Alright, thanks

Yeah, hook up with Timmy. Think of me whilst you are skulling over-priced Pina Colada's.

I presume you've gone into politics. Are you going to form and independent party based on dubious policies to challenge the might of Beazley and Howard.

Please Explain

Kaufman said...

Tim: Cheers! I rarely go out for drinks anymore, unless I've been asked to perform a few choice grooves from my vast library of cabaret classics, in which case the inevitable happens; bubbly is slurped from six-packed bellies of starlets and harlots and wanna-be starlet-harlots. There's imagery in that last sentence. ;)

Having typed that, I'm more than able, not to mention willing, to slip a sparkling ale from the Cooper family's stable into my vast torte cavity. To do this triumphantly, you will need to be present. You may also imitate my actions or galavant into your own cliche of outrageous ways. Needless to say, hence the words, words will need to be exchanged betwixt thou and moi in an attempt to get to know 'the real uses'*.

How does next Friday after 5:30pm somewhere off Rundle St read? I'm still familiarising myself with the metropolis that Adelaide has become, so I'll leave the finer details to you.

* Bill and Ted speak

Super Toast Man: A burlesque security guard unfurled her monstrous forearms at the gates of Politics. I happened to be staggering towards her at the time. "Not on my shift baldy," she said. Suddenly, and perhaps inexplicably, I was overwhelmed by the realisation that I may not be ready to don the suit for politics.

When the booze wore off, I found myself horizontal and awake on a manicured lawn with traffic going about its business to my immediate left and a grand building with stained glass windows to my right. I opted for exploratory curiosity to my right. Before I could recite JFK's ask-not-what-your-country-can-do speech, I was asked to teach the finer (aka al dente) aspects of linguistics at a place called the University of South Australia.



Mob said...

I'm well, thank you.

Glad you're doing well and remain gainfully employed, I've missed your verbose literary stylings here on the interweb.

Does this mean you're possibly back amongst us with a more regular schedule?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Teach from the lawn, face up, looking at the clouds.

Demand that your students do the same, and make it clear that they will be expected to throw thenselves in front of the aforementioned traffic if they do not behave.

Yasamin said...

i think im catching a cold but whatever. glad your happy! getting a new job is always fun and frightening all at the same time!

I'm sorry did someone mention flashdance?
gets out her fishnets and strobelight woohoo!!!

reverendtimothy said...

Yasamin - where were you last night? Fishnets and strobes a-plenty! But ohhh am I feeling the red wine this morning.

Anyway Kaufster, I might just take you up on that offer. I'm going to a charity fundraiser movie night at Nova tomorrow, which is in Rundle St, so I'll definitely be around that area. Update soon. Still hungover at my mate's place right now, heh.

Buddy Belcher said...

My hands smell of dead mouse.

Kaufman said...

Mob: At this point in orbit, judging by the way question marks transcend from cavities in my mind and into the oxygen enriched ozone layer, I dare say my verbose literary stilings will be limited to five-minute responses to comments. My head bleats at the thought of what needs to be done between now and payday. :(

UTMG: Your formula must be registered as a trademark for it is the way.

Yasamin: Strobelights are a useful tool for the classroom. The need for them is so high where I work that I muct book them at least two weeks in advance. Hope your cold or whatever gets better.

RT: Let's carry out the plan per our email agreement.

Meehan: If you set traps, they'll do that for you.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

That's what Miyagi said when I got him down on the grass, so to speak.

mcBlogger said...

Full time? Your exited about this? I'd be happy if the days of the week were reversed. Work 2 days, and have 5 day weekends. Call it quality of life.

Kaufman said...

Hmmm...Your theory has cast victorious skies in my mind; birds are swooning to my side; the sounds of violins and cellos are drawing closer.

But yeah, with a youngster on the way and a new mortgage potentially screeching to an anti-climatic reverse trend, the need for full-time employ did rank high on the priorities. So far, so good. There have been no casualties, the spirit level has revealed that my head's in good form and the people around me are mostly lovely women with time for mindless banter, which suits me just fine.

: )