November 30, 2006

# 116


In a rare show of admiration for those who excel in the non-gentlemanly game of cricket, I would like to congratulate Pakistan's Mohammad Yousuf for bettering Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards' unbeatable world best tally for runs scored in a calendar year.

The often bearded Yousuf, whose resulting friction when running between the wickets surely cost him a further 83 runs during the time that he's worn it, scored a century in each of his innings in the final Test match of the year against a strong West Indian bowling line-up which did not include the likes of Garner, Marshall, Roberts, Holding, Ambrose, Walsh, Bishop, Croft or Kaufman.

Having scored several sparkling hundreds in recent times, two of which ended in the 190s, Yousuf also bagged a double-ton this season against an outfit calling itself England, at a place calling itself Lords.

As the big guy upstairs has referenced, the path of the righteous man is paved with runs. Shine on, Yousuf, shine on.



benjibopper said...

I really like the name Yousuf. Back in Trana I had a friend/colleague with that name and he was such a cool guy that I have nothing but positive associations. The funny thing about Yousuf in Trana was that him and I both bank at the Finnish Credit Union and neither of us is Finnish.

Hey Kaufman, who was the female lead in the movie Splash?

Kaufman said...

You're not Finnish until you're done. Your mate Yousuf sounds like a decent bloke. I don't have any mates called Yousuf. If I did, he'd be a top bloke as well coz I don't associate much beyond common politeness with people who aren't (ladies included).

Splash starred old eye-patch lady Daryl Hannah and Sir Thomas Hanks. The spelling could be slightly askew on Daryl there.