December 19, 2006

# 118




Mob said...

Beautiful work sir, congratulations again

It's amazing how tiny they are as newborns.

Kaufman said...

Thank you kindly.

Our lovely lass was in our arms three weeks before the bookmakers had predicted. A lot of people lost money in this transaction. However, the upshot of it all is that Ma and Pa Kaufman are absolutely delighted with the early addition to the household, and are chuffed to have had the baby's room painted and decked out with items that our daughter will hopefully appreciate one day. For now, she's displaying all the signs of being thrilled to be dining regularly and having her soiled under garments removed by eager hands.

Thanks again Mob. ;)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


What a cute baby!

Normally I am not entertained by tiny children because they do not laugh at my jokes or remark upon how handsome I am.

But this baby looks like she would find me dashing and witty.

Hurrah for the miniature Kaufman!

benjibopper said...

life is looking good.

Kaufman said...

U-Toast MoGo I'm seconds away from implimenting the Ultra Toast Aesthetic Appreciation Programme [UTAAP] in our household. I think a once a day beginning with a thrice-daily upgrade in four weeks should do the trick. By the time you're famous, my daughter should be the sealant to your tiling. I don't know what that means.

Benji-Bo Sure beats her old man's mutated facial features, eh?

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Presumably, you are attempting to secure your offspring a position in my soon-to-be-created-by-force-or-otherwise global musical empire.

She is granted one.

Is that Nepotism? If so, I like it.

Pie! said...

Oh, she's adorable. What beautiful pictures.


Kaufman said...

UT: That makes it her first grant. Pretty impressive for a twenty-four-day-old. The way she's progressing emotionally, I predict the following scenario: she'll overthrow the head of your musical empire (the crystal ball is hazy, but I see a female figure with pale skin and fair hair) with a masterfully directed jab to the eyeball with a radio controlled Decept-A-bot that she purchased from Toyworld.

Nepotism? Perhaps you're right; we're brothers in virtual arms, so I guess you and Mark Knopfler need to watch your backs for a grumpy, ever growing, whirlwind of a youngster making her way methodically with post haste through the musical data base.

Merry silly season to you, my friend.

Pie!: Thank you for those kind words. It's not often I open a message at my Gmail account which leads me to such lovely sentiments. I'm pleased that you like the photos. I'm ecstatic that you find my daughter adorable. :)

I wish you a merry silly season as well.

reverendtimothy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Sorry I haven't been in the blog world much lately - been sooo busy.

But what a wonderful post to view upon my return.

Congratulations again. She's beautiful. :-)

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...


A slinky and sexy-hot christmas to you too, O maybe-dead-maybe-not One.

Pie! said...

She is going to love those photographs when she's older.

Happy New Year's to you, Kaufmaann.

Kaufman said...

Tim: Thanks, mate. I appreciated the SMS after midnight the other night as well. :) We should have a celebratory beer again.

Toast: I've never been called O maybe-dead-maybe-not One before. It has a ring to it that begins an erotic tingling in my ears whenever I whisper it. I wonder what effect it could have should I chose to gargle it... Hmmm.

Pie!: I hope she'll like some of the photos I've taken. There were approx 350 in the first two weeks, and my memory card has been emptied several times since.

My NY Eve will no doubt be spent under a sheet and quilt with an elbow to my ribs every two hours telling me that the nappy needs changing. I hope yours is more adventurous and filled with more unknown quantities than mine. All the best for '07. :)

Pie! said...

Ah, it appears that she IS in Sydney. Doing stuff.