July 20, 2007

# 135 aka Kung Fu Hustle

The tabloids in my home town recently went nuts by stating that I was dead. As with most things written in a(ny) newspaper, this piece of claptrap isn't even close to resembling the truth. Furthermore, I have photos to prove it.

Stay tuned for visual encounters of the two dimensional kind.


benjibopper said...

Kung Fu Hustle is the best movie I've seen in the past few years.

I have dubbed you with a great honour: The Schmoozer Award. Now, I know how you feel about tagging, but, this is an award man! You won it fair and square for your twisted prophesy, fatherly wisdom, and strong heart.

Kaufman said...

A friend raised my awareness of KFH earlier in the month, following a lengthy chat about recent good movies that we may have missed out on. That one and the Russian vampire film Night Shift stand proudly at the peak of my recommendations.

As for the honour bestowed upon me, I humbly accept and thank both yourself and the Academy. As there is no time for mention of the Holy One, I'll move on to my next dilema: Could you refresh my memory about which 'twisted prophesy' you speak of? You see, I haven't taken pills for better prophesising for quite some time, so it's all a bit fuzzy.

PS I'll be dropping in to see what all the fuss is about relating to the latest tagging.

benjibopper said...

surprisingly I've also seen NIght Shift. Not in Russia, in Ghana. It didn't have nearly the impact as KFH. It was more like KFC, tasty at first but with an unpleasant after-effect.

In regards to prophesies, I was generalizing more so than referring to specific tidbites.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Does that mean Diana is still alive?

eric313 said...

I've sometimes thought that if (big if) I ever get a novel published, I'd love to fake my death to see if sales would jump. And maybe hide for a year and let it really go. Just pull off a huge stunt. That would be fun.

But, I've also been told I can be jailed for such fraudulence. At least in jail, I'd have plenty of time to write the follow-up.

benjibopper said...

i'm starting to believe the tabloids.

Kaufman said...

BB: I watched it in stages and need to take another swing in a single swipe from start to finish. The papers are wrong: I'm just bloody busy and it won't be the cause of my final act on this physical plane. I've given myself a poke up the date by starting a piece over at TTCE. It looks like being a solo mission (dialogue based at that) at this stage, although I welcome any interest from other parties.

UTMG: Sadly, no it does not. Elvis reasurred me.

E: That sounds like something Andy Kaufman would have done. I'd love to fuck with the establishment in such a way. And it's not like the media to stay away from potential entertainment / controversy. As a keen writer and prankster I urge you to do it. And if you don't then I will. In fact, we should both do it and just house sit each other's places for a year. My lawn goes out of control in about November, so we'll have to schedule our book releases around then. ;)