January 05, 2006

# 19

That end of year phenomenon known as Christmas and that beginning of new year phenomenon known as the new year are behind us. Let's face it: it's still the present. And I'm back behind the controls from a wintery getaway which attempted to freeze all my favourite body parts. Having thwarted all of winter's advances, I'm nonetheless poorly equipped to write more than necessary on this maiden voyage into 2006.

More words and photos of what happened and what will likely happen to follow.


Saathiya said...

And I am freshly back from a beach vacation involving numerous failed attempts at avoiding turning into lobster zoidberg and an ongoing battle with the sea: being dumped by a wave two metres taller than me and attempting to take my rage out on the next wave but being tossed on my arse again despite my fierce determination. You win again nature!

Hope you had a good one.

Happy Belated New Year.

Kaufman said...

Sounds like fun, actually. Apart from the resemblence to the pinked one. I would have given anything to have been wave tossed repeatedly at a beach.

BTW, I took the liberty of fertilising the caviar.



I'll visit really soon.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Zoidberg rules. Not as much as Branigan though. R.I.P Phil Hartman.

Jen said...

It's not often Nature is defeated.

Some talent (or hardy power) you have.

Kaufman said...

UTMG: I never cared much for ZB though my alliance will forever be with Phil and his work. RIP indeed. Maybe he and Bill Hicks are sharing a few yarns.

Jen: I'd say that Mother Nature wasn't so much defeated as her attention was momentarily diverted to matters of more significance to crushing the chi of this universe. There were, after all, tremendous sales for ladies with skirts slightly below the pelvis and knee-high boots to get to. My fur lined underwear, hemp pants and multiple layers of upper body garments were probably far too grizzly for her to bother with. BTW, I like the new avatar.

Saathiya said...

Don't forget the hot pants *shudder*. Pelvis high skirts are okay but hot pants are THE thing this year to complete the "slutty" look that has been dominating the fashion industry for years.

What will be "in" next season: The "no pants" look, which comprises solely of a belt. You heard me.

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Thank god the fashion world has finally come to its senses. Presumably men will be expected to follow (hir)sute?

Kaufman said...

All I can say is it's well overdue.