February 14, 2006

# 46

In this country of spiralling oddities, women shower men with gifts of chocolate composition today.

Revised: I came home this afternoon to see flowers, a bottle of white wine, a note and dessert waiting for me in the fridge. Cheque please!

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Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I got a card hidden in my 'wank crate' as my lover so eloqently dubbed it.

(it's where i hide 'the reserves')

Captain Berk said...

Uhuru gave me a card.

I almost fainted.

Not out of surprise at her attraction to me (she's female, after all) but because it had a poo in it.

I can't demote her though. She has dirt on me.

Mrs DC said...

Mrs. DC made some homemade chocolate! I had to buy the wine though...