March 13, 2006

# 61

I had the best weekend you could ever imagine. In fact, I'd like to know how good a weekend you think I had.

Phone now! 1 - 800 - whatkinda - weekend - did - andy - have. Don't look for the question mark on your phone as there isn't one.*

Phone now!

Alternatively, this interactive concept is now available with the comment now feature (see below) at no additional cost to the original cost.

* No affiliation with Andy's Puking Up Grammar. All local calls will be charged at international rates rounded off to the next hour to maintain integrity of Andy Kaufman's pockets.


Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

I thought you had a great weekend.

Whacking off that black horntail dragon right outside the famous Adelaide railway station was a master stroke, so to speak.

I'm not so sure about that cream tea you had on sunday though.

You're living on the edge there. I don't live on the edge. Subsidence can render it a dangerous place to inhabit. You could slip away into the sea at any minute.

Keep your flippers and snorkel on at all times, my good man

Kaufman said...

It was better than that.

P.S. Still in Japan, where the temp has dropped into solo digits once more.

Captain Berk said...

I hear there was snow in the west country of the u.k of the planet Earth on sunday.

Earthlings tell me that snow in march is unheard of.

I'm sure it's happened before. One of the many pranks I played on Spock involved a bit of weather manipulation around the shores of Bognor Regis..